We  are in the process of destocking and now have only 4 Dorper Rams  and 2 working dogs,  a male kelpie, female border collie as we now have no stock we would love  for both to go to someone who can use their skills both are  good paddock workers.  After 4 years of low rainfall 30 months of hand feeding twice a day the last of our ewes were sold early January 2020

 In 2019  the Bushfires raged for months in NSW we have another property in the Northern Rivers from August until January 7th  2020 we had fire alerts  every day  for active fires within 20 kilometres of either one or both our properties. In November 2019 John  spent time on property protection and  working with the RFS while I stayed  home to feed the stock . In 2012 we had bushfire damage to our property everything was burnt except the house and sheds, we have experienced  the devastation created by a bushfire.

On the 24th of January 2020 we finally had  rain . The power had gone out at about 4 pm  John had gone outside to feed the dogs and chickens while the rain was stopped,  it was then a lightning strike  hit close. It instantly started raining.  I didn’t know where he was exactly I just knew he was out there,   I stood at the door screaming for him  not wanting to go out with the lightning so close. Luckily there was no grass or it would have taken longer to find him. He was laying face down  not moving  near the dog kennels  about 50 metres from me  I grabbed the phone an hit the emergency number, by the time I reached him he was bleeding from a head wound  he started to move but was not aware of anything, either what had happened or where he was. The rain was coming down hard by then, lightning was flashing close, I was able to get him to his feet and slowly  get him back to the house,  while talking  to  the 000 person, an ambulance was on its way.  The rain was very heavy 99mls  that day and with no grass it ran,  water  everywhere  causing local flash flooding. John was taken to hospital  he had no feeling in his legs for a few hours, a subdural haematoma  and  required a few stitches for his head wound plus his cardiac enzymes were elevated he spent 2 days in ICU  and endured a month of insane headaches.  He’s feeling lucky to be alive and I’am grateful to have him  fully recovered., but our attitude to life has definately changed. The stress of years of drought then the fires and the near death  of the lightning strike all caused by    natural events all life effecting  events we have no control over. ……………………………………Climate Change is affecting lives

Now we have a Covid 19 pandemic. which so far has not really affected us personally to any great extent other than we cant see the grand children but facetime is  better than nothing.  Hopefully these times will make us realise what is really important  family ,clean air , clean water, fresh food and good health

2019 Drought Continues for another year Dorpers for sale


  The Drought has continued here for  another year. Dorper sheep do thrive in dry conditions but leading into summer with  no rain forecast they will need some grass and water. Most of our breeding ewes have already been sold , and our cattle sold.   We have been breeding Dorper for 14 years . All our  breeding ewes were  stud Type4 or Type5 . If  your looking for quality young  full-blood  Dorper ewes or rams we have young stock  available  now . All the 2019 lambs were sired by  “Barney” Amurala 144438 Type 4. 

The limited water has led us to look at reducing our water use to grow our veggies, we have established a small aquaponic system using mostly stuff we already had available on the farm. The water  is  recirculated so the  water  only needs to be topped up when it evaporates and the small amount of water the  plants use to grow.

Only using 1/10  the amount of water  of conventional  garden and the added bonus of the fresh fish. The system relies on fish to fertilise the plants and in turn the plants clean the water for the fish. It has been a learning experience but we are producing on a small scale and can pick something most days. 


2016 Whynot Neville lambs

.. We have been breeding our Woodensprings Dorpers for over 10 years , We have always had our stock inspected by qualified Dorper inspectors  and have only kept T4 & T5 stud  graded ewes for our breeding flock. Our 2016 lambs have been  sired by Whynot 140160 Neville T5 ram  loaned from old Munbilla Dorpers   Please call 0267687858 or email via contact page.

Neville is currently joining our ewes
Neville sire of our 2016 Lambs

DSCN1941 DSCN1946


January 2015

The year has started with  some good rainfalls and we again have green paddocks just in time for our  first lambs of 2015 . Jed’s first lambs started arriving yesterday with  4 sets of twins and 2 singles at 144 days from joining, lucky I had gotten the tags organised last week. I am sure we will have a busy time tagging/ weighing  lambs in the next month. Dukes lambs are not expected until early February.


Our border Collie has also supplied us with nine puppies all now gone to new homes


We have  Dorper Rams available for Sale.. Phone: 02 67687858

Spring 2014

We  have  again had a busy year.     With the continuing drought conditions we have decided to decreased our Stud Breeding flock  base to 100  Full-blood Dorper ewes, which is sustainable for our property no matter what  the  conditions.  We will remain committed to breeding quality. For a small stud we are proud we have sent sheep to all states in Australia and 2014 saw our first  International export of sheep to China.   All our 2013 T3 ewes are now gone.  Some T4 Ewes  available for sale.  We were lucky enough to purchase Swamp Road 130720 at the National Dorper sale in Dubbo 2014.  We have named him Duke and early October 2014  was joined to a selection of our dorper ewes. In 2014  Woodensprings 130001 Jed is also one of our Stud Sires.

We still have  Commercial rams T3 and T4 Stud rams available for sale

Dorper Stud And Commercial Sale

WoodenSprings  Dorper Stud have entered 26 Rams and 12 Ewes for the Elders Tamworth  Stud & Commercial Dorper Sale on Saturday 13 th September 2014 Commercial  Dorper Sale at TRLX  proposed to commence at 11am. The Stud  Dorper Sale at the Tamworth Showgrounds proposed to commence at 1pm. All  our Dorpers have been inspected to breed Standard

DSCN0688Dorper Ewes

Dorper Rams for Sale

We have at last had some rain, the grass is again growing but not enough put any water  in

our dams,  they all remain empty. It is amazing  though what you can find  on the ground when the grass disappears. I now have  quite an impressive rock collection and have added quite a bit of old  bits and pieces to the garbage. I now have time to update the web page again not spending  all our days  feeding stock and watering our young trees just to keep them alive.

We have a good selection of Rams available for sale all have been graded T4 and T3 . We also have Stony T5 for sale can be seen on sires page.

After the Rain
After the RainRams for Sale

Rams for Sale

Rams April 2014
 Rams 2014 Rams April 2014