2013 Autumn

Almost Easter. We weaned our Boyd & Rover lambs in Febuary all looking good with some impressive weaning weights even with the  dry summer season we had. We have delayed rejoining our ewes  for the first time ever just to give them some time to recover they do such an amazing job 30- 40kg lambs at 100 days  in such harsh conditions.

Rams and Ewes  for Sale


Gunnedah Dorper Sale 2013 postponed Rams and Ewes for sale

The Dorper sale for Gunnedah 2013 has been postponed due to concerns  of biosecurity implications of the OJD planned  guideline changes. We have been faceal testing since 2010 and because we are a small stud all of our animals over 18month have been individually  involved in the testing.  OJD abc 6 points. Our rams available  now for your 2013 joinings are the best rams we have produced.  Prices start from $400. Ewe Prices start from $300.

December 2012

The first week of summer and our property at Copmanhurst has been affected by bush fire  the only area not burnt was the house and shed areas. Thanks to all the NSW Rural Fire Service personel who attended and everyone who assisted, and as usual  two days later 150 mls of rain.


Here at Wooden Springs  it remains dry  we had 16 mls in a few storms, at last a tinge of green.  The Dorpers as usual doing well lambing is just about finished. Shedding is just starting here some a bit slower than others. Bailey our alpaca had  his annual  hair cut always amusing to see. When we had  really hot days Bailey would spend them standing in the water trough. I am sure he  feels much cooler now. He usually just stands to be shorn this time he decided to lay down.


Spring 2012

Spring  here  has been very dry, following a dry winter,  much different to spring last year. So as usual we’re hoping for rain.

Our first Boyd lambs started in mid October, lambing is now almost finished.   We have already selected a few keepers, very happy with what he has put on the ground, now its just wait a see how they grow.

Dorper Rams for sale

WoodenSprings 2012

So far 2012 has been a strangely emotional year,   happy moments, really great things have been achieved some really sad times, some really frustating times.  Lots of plans just waiting……………our first on farm sale maybe 2013……………

All our breeding stock are now fullblood Dorper. This year we have sold the last of our dorper cross ewes. Only stud graded ewes .  We  now have  a peak sheep immobiliser, much easier with the rams.   Our vet David was impressed for the ovine brucellosis blood testing  & OJD samples .  We have had our flock graded on a yearly basis since 2006 in July 2012 we had the pleasure again of Wicus Cronje & son (Barend).  We have purchased a new ram “Boyd” Type 5 in partnership with Old Munbilla Dorper Stud his first lambs for us will arrive October 2012. So here’s hoping for a great spring.

Rams & Ewes for sale please call for inspection time..

New ram” Boyd”

2012 Namoi Dorper Breeders Sale

  The  4th Namoi Dorper  & White Dorper breeders sale will again be held at Gunnedah  NSW . Inspection from 9am at the sale yards on 9th of February 2012. Organisers are expecting approx 60-70 rams 30 fullblood ewes 1000 Commercial  & cross ewe entries . The sale  Agents Davidson & Cameron of Gunnedah. Contact  Agent Dave Henry 0427421829  We have entered 17 Woodensprings Rams  this year, four  have been stud typed 4 . All  the  rams will be weighed and scanned  for EMD and inspected by qualified inspector  prior to sale.

was withdrawn from sale Sold since 90211 Type 4
10303 T3 commercial ram & 90211 T4 were withdrawn still available
2nd & 3rd rams were withdrawn from sale still available for sale

Winter 2011

Winter has been very dry here  at WoodenSprings with no rain for nearly 3 months, so dry we had to start feeding out hay to our ewes with lambs. Just in past couple of days we recieved 10 mls of rain and the grasses have instantly sprung back to life.  Always amazes me how quickly  the grasses responds to such a small amount of rain. So we’re  again hoping for more rain…………………………. but not too much.

 The National Dorper Show and Sale is coming up on the 31st August-1st September. We unfortunately this year due to a  short trip to the hospital for John and a couple of months recovery, have not entered any of our sheep this year, but are looking forward to seeing Australia’s Best Dorpers  on display over the 3 days in Dubbo NSW.

 We have recently had our stud inspection  attended for 2011  by Wicus Cronje. He used the word centrefold quite a few times with our ewes and again said it was not possible for a small stud to produce such quality. So we are again very pleased with our breeding results.

We are a small stud and aim to maintain our flock to a size suited to this property.  The aim is to continually improve the productivity of our soils , pastures and increase the  biodiversity available to enable us to increase the size  and quality of our flock. Last year we planted a tree for every lamb we retained on the property, not all of those trees have survived  the past few dry months unlike our Dorpers.

We currently have Typed Dorper Ewes & Rams , commercial rams & ewes and  cross ewes for sale………….

Phone 02 67687858   to arrange an inspection