2019 Drought Continues for another year Dorpers for sale


  The Drought has continued here for  another year. Dorper sheep do thrive in dry conditions but leading into summer with  no rain forecast they will need some grass and water. Most of our breeding ewes have already been sold , and our cattle sold.   We have been breeding Dorper for 14 years . All our  breeding ewes were  stud Type4 or Type5 . If  your looking for quality young  full-blood  Dorper ewes or rams we have young stock  available  now . All the 2019 lambs were sired by  “Barney” Amurala 144438 Type 4. 

The limited water has led us to look at reducing our water use to grow our veggies, we have established a small aquaponic system using mostly stuff we already had available on the farm. The water  is  recirculated so the  water  only needs to be topped up when it evaporates and the small amount of water the  plants use to grow.

Only using 1/10  the amount of water  of conventional  garden and the added bonus of the fresh fish. The system relies on fish to fertilise the plants and in turn the plants clean the water for the fish. It has been a learning experience but we are producing on a small scale and can pick something most days. 


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